Session 66

With a bit of forward thinking, the adventurers manage to infiltrate the city of Remnas.


Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Also Jon), Kerwyn (Will), and Glod (Adam F.)

Recap: In the Wizard’s Tower, the adventurers had spent the day planning out their next move. After interrogating one of the goblins they defeated, they learned more about what exactly they’re dealing with.

This particular session was the first we’d played in person for at least a year, mostly because of my broken power cord. As a result, the notes are a little less exact.

27th of Summer’s End

The adventurers sit around the large, round table in the Wizard’s Tower.

“I ain’t hidin’ out like no coward,” Murc says, firmly placing his large fist on the table.

The team decides to head due west through the woods and avoid the road altogether.

“If the map’s right, that’ll put us just north of the old castle.”

They find the woods much less dangerous than the road, ironically. With the goblins patrolling the roads, the woods are nearly empty. Nearly.

“Wait up, Glod!” Gante, weighed down by his bulky armor, is barely able to keep up with the gnome. The others slow their pace for the paladin, but Glod’s curious nature leads him far in front of the rest of the group.

“Fine, fine. There’s just a lot of interesting stuff out here.” The gnome taps his foot as the party catches up. “It’s not like there’s anything dangerous out h– Gah!”

A large wolf pounces on the isolated adventurer. The others rush to his aid. Murc knocks the creature off of Glod as Gante reaches the fray. With a swift swing of his blade, he slays the wolf. Looking up, they see that far more are surrounding them.

“Epona, get Glod back on his feet.” Gante rushes toward a pair of wolves as the others spread out towards the rest of the pack. Epona begins healing the gnome as Murc and Dima stop one of the wolves from bolting to the fallen gnome. Gante, cutting into a second wolf, carries through with his attack to carve into a third. Kerwyn does his share as well, and the forest is once again silent.

They arrive at the forest’s edge just before nightfall and set up camp just at the tree line. “We’ll check out the castle in the morning.”

28th of Summer’s End

“Eight hours with nothing to do,” Glod says as the party finally wakes up. “When this goblin business is over I’m investing in some more books.”

Circling around to the secret entrance they’d used on their last adventure in the castle, they locate and open the hidden door leading below the castle’s surrounding lawn. The air is cool as they descend into the earth. After several hundred feet, they are faced with the results of their last visit: the base of the tunnel has been flooded due to a trap they had sprung.

“Well, that’s not going to stop us. Everyone gather ’round.”

Epona casts Water Breathing on the group, and they make their way into the stagnant water. They find their way into the castle, arriving at the old jail cells.

Their exploration of the castle shows that it’s completely deserted.

“Well, on to Remnas, then.” Gante says.

“What about a plan, hmm?” Glod looks to the paladin, now known for his preparedness.

“Let’s see what we can come up with.”


The rough walls of the capital city do not rise very high, but the impressively well-organized goblins on each tower give the wall a suddenly foreboding look.

“Never thought we’d have this much trouble getting into a city,” Gante murmurs.

[Quiet, prisoner!] Murc barks in goblin at the paladin with a robotic tone. The two words weren’t much to remember, but took an hour to perfect.

Kerwyn, his arms tied behind his back, whispers to the half-orc. “Just be careful with our weapons, Murc. We’ll need those later.”

Murc nods imperceptibly to the four behind him, well-aware that his skill at looking tough would mean the difference between the plan’s success or failure.

The goblin at the front of the line leads them straight to the city gate. The raven on his shoulder squawks nervously. A heavily armored goblin in front of the wall stops the group. [Halt, what’s your business here?]

[Just some adventurers we caught near the forest. I was told to bring ’em here to Remnas for questioning.]

The goblin at the gate looks out at the four adventurers tied up behind Murc. [The two of you managed to get this whole lot on your own?]

[Not the brightest bunch, really. We saw ’em sleeping out by the forest. Didn’t even have anyone keeping watch.]

Murc stands almost motionless, concentrating intently on keeping a straight face.

[Yes, guess I can’t give the likes of these much credit for brains. Follow me. I’ll show you the way.]

The armored goblin nods to one standing on a nearby tower, who signals behind the walls. The party hears a barricade being removed and sees the door open soon after.

The armored goblin steps into the city as another takes his place outside. He leads the group towards the city’s center and into an old prison. Half a dozen goblins are inside, sitting in a sort of administrative room that leads to the cells. A goblin in bright red clothes takes them all to the back of the prison. They’re taken to the last cell, where the four men are locked inside. The red-clothed goblin puts the key in his garment and walks back up front.

[Now, I plan on keeping a close eye on this group, but here’s what I need you to do. You’re going to go to the highest official in town to set up this interrogation. It’s going to be in exactly one hour.]

The armored goblin looks almost offended. [What? And why should the higher-ups be bothered for something so trivial?]

The small goblin leans in and speaks quietly. [These four know something very important. And if this information doesn’t get to the highest level soon, I’m thinking you’ll be responsible for slowing things down. Every minute counts here, and seeing how far we’ve gotten, I don’t think you want to be the one responsible for letting the humans take back over, hmm?]

And… natural 20 on bluff.

The armored goblin is taken aback. [That important, huh? Alright. One hour from now. I’ll have the meeting set up by then.] He runs back through the front room and into the streets. The goblin is left alone with Murc and the four adventurers.

“Alright guys,” he whispers, “that wasn’t too bad, but now we’ve got to get you out of here.”

Kerwyn thinks through the problem and comes up with a solution: “Gante attacks Murc through the bars, you run to the goblins for help. Once they’re between us, knock ’em out and we high-tail it.”

The team in the cell nods in agreement. Gante reaches through the bars as Murc tries to convincingly appear startled. [Help us out over here!]

The guards, seeing the commotion at the end of the prison, rush down the hall past the new goblin and his raven. The raven squawks as his master stretches out his arms and mutters an incantation. The goblins turn around just as a flash of brilliant colors flash in their direction. They drop to the floor unconcious. The caster snatches the keys from one. “Murc, get over here and take care of these guards.” Murc pulls out his axe as the goblin rushes to the far cells and unlocks the door.

“What of the other prisoners?” Dima says.

“We’ll leave the keys for them, but we’ve got to get going.”

They step over the recently slain goblins as Murc puts away his axe. “Here,” the goblin says, pulling out some rope. “Wrap up your hands until we’re somewhere safe.” He leads the four outside with Murc close behind. They don’t attract any attention from the nearby guard house, but quickly decide to head the opposite direction. Entering a small market, they head for an out-of-the-way alley. Through the twisting backroads, they arrive on a nearly empty street. “This will be as good as anywhere, I guess.” Glod dismisses the illusion on himself and fades back to his more familiar gnome shape. “Now we’ve just got to find somewhere to go from here…”

The passersby give confused looks to the adventurers, specifically the one who just recently appeared to be a goblin. Glod scans the few on the street and eyes a young man with a rock in hand. The man casually tosses the rock aside from his throw-ready stance and acts as though he had no intention to hit the gnome. “This guy might be what we’re looking for.” They approach the man and start up a conversation. He appologizes for the mistake he nearly made, but the team assures him they don’t hold it against him.

“But, if I could ask,” Glod says quietly, “do you know of anyone here in town looking to fight back? I mean, you’ve got a sort of rebelious spirit against the goblins; surely you know of some group working towards that cause…”

The man nods then scans the street for anyone eavesdropping. “Head down that road,” he says, pointing to a nearby street. “Go down the first alley on the right. You’ll find who you’re looking for.”

Gante tosses him a coin out of thanks, and the team heads down the street. The twisting ways lead them far from the safer sides of town, and it becomes apparent this would be where Kerwyn would fit in more than any of the other travellers. Finding the alley, the walk in, heading for the opposite street. As they get halfway through, they hear a voice from behind them.

“I take it you aren’t just lost in the city, hmm?” Turning around, the group sees a man leaning in a corner of one of the surrounding buildings, completely concealed by the rooftop shadows.

“We hear there’s a group here that could benefit from our skills,” Gante says as the man steps from his post.

“Right you are,” he says. “Are you willing to do whatever it takes to rid our country of these invaders?”

Gante nods.

“Well then, let’s get to work.” He knocks on the wall he was leaning on in a swift pattern of beats. A rope ladder falls from the rooftop above and the man starts up. “Follow me.”

On the roof, a hatch leads into the second floor of the flat-roofed building. The man beckons them in. “Welcome,” he says, “to the Remnas Theives’ Guild.”


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